Andreas Panayiotou Notion Capital

Andreas Panayiotou
is an Operating  Director at Notion Capital, a B2B SaaS and Cloud early-stage focused venture capital firm. He supports Notion Capital’s portfolio to navigate the challenges so many startups face at every stage of their growth: the strategic decisions they make about the customers they will and will not serve, how they align their organisation to target and engage them, and how they position, price and package their products.

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Notion Capital is a VC firm focused on European SaaS and Cloud. We're here to support exceptional founders on their extraordinary journeys. We invest at an early stage in SaaS and Cloud founders who are at the point of product market fit and are ready to grow fast and go far. We strive to give founders what they need to succeed, providing a platform of insights, networks and expertise that nurtures leadership, promotes talent and shares knowledge and learnings from across our portfolio to support founders on their extraordinary journeys.